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#38 GPS UPPER and MIDDLE KEYS from Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine, Cudjoe Key


Out 20 miles with all the HUMP GROUNDS , Color coded depth contours and curves; 6feet or less shown in pink. Boat Ramps from Card Sound Road after the bridge toll to Little Torch Key MM28. Mile Markers throughout are shown. Nautical mile distances from Government Cut to Key West.

160 +  Wrecks and Artificial Reefs Sites, LAT/LON for Hawk Channel, Harbor Channel GPS markers, Reef positions, Hawk Channel distances, AWESOME bottom Structure, Sanctuary preservation areas (no fish zones)

Ocean Reefs: Triumph, Pacific, Turtle reef, Carysfort, Elboe, Dixie Shoal, Mollases Reef, Conch Reef, NOAA Aquarious Reef, Davis Reef, Crocker Reef, Alligator Reef, Hens & Chickens, Tennessee Reef, Coffins Patch, Sombrero Key, Loe Key.

Hump Grounds & other Bottom Structure: Islamorada Hump, 409 Hump, Hawk Hump, Long Hump, Duck Hump, 906 Hole, 564 Hump, 490 Hump, The Hill, Middle Alley, South End Alley, Marathon Hump, Floyd's Wall, North End Trolling Alley, South End Trolling Alley, Ups and Downs, Mollasses Hump, Inshore Hump, Doubles Hump, Bahia Twins

DGPS Wrecks: Ocean Reef Wreck, Train Wheel, Christ of the Abyss, Elbo, Thunderbolt, benwood, Scooner, CG Cutter Bibb, Duane, Davy Crocket, Nervous Wreck, Ike's Barge, Corinthian, Eagle, San Pedro, Alexander, Adolphus Busch, Wilkes Barre, Joe's Tug, and many, many more.

Joins:  #35 Swordfish Chart
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 #43 Lower Keys

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